Dr. Bruce L Bothwell
Is a native of Alameda. He graduated from California State University, Hayward with a B.S. in Biology, and earned his Doctor of Dentistry degree from the University of Southern California.

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Natural Color Fillings

Natural Color Fillings Create Naturally Youthful Smiles

It's all about choices—you can choose to keep the silver fillings that you've had since you were a child, or return to a more youthful appearance by replacing old, discolored fillings. Today's cosmetic fillings match your teeth so perfectly it will look like you've been cavity free for your entire life! A bright smile commands attention, can open doors to exciting opportunities, and gives your self-confidence a boost.



Teeth dulled by old amalgam fillings don't reflect light, and may give the appearance of darkened gray teeth. No matter what your chronological age, you feel better if you look great. The image reflected back to you when you look in the mirror or out into the world influences how you feel about yourself and your life. Isn't it worth looking into the cosmetic options to improve the appearance of your smile?

Natural Color Fillings Are Barely There

If we need to restore a decayed tooth, you may want to consider natural color fillings. Any surface area where a filling will be noticed may be a great location for a natural color filling. They're made from resin composites blended to match the color of existing teeth.

The process of applying the natural color filling is similar to a traditional amalgam (silver) filling. The decay is removed and the tooth is prepared to accept the tooth-colored composite. We apply several layers of the composite, which is chemically hardened and cured with a special light. The filling is then polished to complete the process.

Natural color fillings blend with surrounding teeth and enhance a bright, youthful appearance. No one will notice they're there—including you!

Natural Color Fillings Can Replace Failing Fillings

You may want to consider replacing old, leaking amalgam fillings with new composite (natural color) fillings. You'll have a whiter smile that looks natural and blends with surrounding teeth.

If the filling is small or in a visible area, we may be able to replace it with a natural color filling, which will blend naturally into your smile. If the filling is large, a crown might be necessary to cover and strengthen the tooth. If this is the case, you may want to consider a porcelain crown if you want a cosmetic improvement in your smile.

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